Pipeline Inspection

Prime Compliance Solutions is committed to providing  highly skilled certified welding inspectors (CWIs), chief inspectors, and NACE inspectors for your project. Let them thoroughly vet the welding process from start to finish, and verify compliance with welding and coating procedures. Many of our inspectors are cross-trained so that they can provide more value and complete tasks across multiple disciplines.

API Inspection

We perform vessel and piping inspections, review documents, verify the quality of radiographic film, and much more. Our company supplies the quality and expertise that the industry desperately needs, with decades of expertly trained individuals at your disposal.

Vendor Surveillance

Are you starting a major construction project? Let us be your eyes and ears throughout the manufacturing and installation process. Whether the project entails processing piping, vessels, pump skids, or an entire unit, our team can observe, report, and correct the problems that occur before they get out of control.

Prime Compliance Solutions has decades of experience in construction, nondestructive examination (NDE), welding, coating, and other related activities. We give you the peace of mind that vendors are adhering to procedures, specifications, and programs set forth by the contract.